Join Leaders
Rotary celebrates diversity and encourages viewpoints from many different perspectives.
One way it does this is by encouraging membership from as many different vocational groups as possible. In our Club you will find members who are engineers, nurses, emergency services, government employees, operations managers, IT specialists, artistic directors, accountants, telecommunications specialists, dentists, military leaders, professional fundraisers, welfare workers to name but a few.
In each case they are all leaders in their fields and bring their expertise to the many projects we undertake each year. It also means that as Rotarians we are well connected to decision makers and thus can influence support for projects and programs that make a difference to our community, nationally and to international projects.
At the same time we also recognise that there are many people in this community who make an extraordinary difference and who would consider themselves to just be ordinary people. Each year we recognise an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the fabric of Alice Springs by making them a Paul Harris Fellow - joining an elite group of people who are part of the Rotary Foundation.
Pictured is this year's recipient of the Paul Harris Fellow award, Ms Maureen York - a tireless campaigner for Legacy making thousands of poppies each year, is a tireless volunteer for numerous charities and established the doll hospital. Maureen we salute you!