The Rotary Club of Alice Springs-Mbantua was formed in 1985 as an off-shoot of the Rotary Club of Stuart for those members whom a morning meeting suited them better. From its creation to current date it is still the only Club in Alice Springs that conducts its meetings in the morning.
The Rotary Club of Alice Springs-Mbantua became the third Rotary Club in Alice Springs - each one of them named after the name given to Alice Springs at different times in its history. Mbantua is the local Arrernte word for meeting place as the area that Alice Springs is now situated on was a major ceremonial ground for local Aboriginal people of the region. Stuart was the name given to the settlement on where Alice Springs township is now located after the Telegraph Station was established in 1872 and named after the explorer/surveyor John McDouall Stuart. In 1933 Stuart was renamed Alice Springs and passed into legend as a result of Nevil Shute's book "A Town Like Alice".
It is fitting then that the newest Rotary Club reflects the oldest inhabitants of the region through language.
In June 2017, the Rotary Club of Alice Springs-Mbantua celebrated its 1500th meeting.