Exchange Ideas
At the Rotary Club of Alice Springs Mbantua we encourage the exchange of ideas particularly in relation to ideas for projects in which we can get involved. 
Last year we engaged with a very remote village in Nepal who were devastated by the earthquake and were still without rooves and through the Rotary Club of Kathmandu were able to re-roof the township.
We also raised funds and purchased much needed equipment for the Alice Springs Hospital Eye Clinic and for the Northern Territory Emergency Services.
We provided funds to the Central Australian Education Foundation to provide funds for students who wish to study outside of the Northern Territory at all levels of tertiary education.
We provide prizes to all schools in Alice Springs for educational attainment and we contribute to our international project of ending polio. We are almost there with only two countries reporting new cases of polio globally - this has been a 35 year long project!
These are just some of the projects and ideas that we as a Rotary Club have funded. We encourage all members and friends of Rotary to look at where we can make a difference and where Rotarians and friends of Rotary can be engaged.